Saturday, February 19, 2005

what a very nice day today! ruby is asleep right now but before her nap we were in the front yard exploring in the grass. she has not had much time to get in the grass since it has been wet and cold all winter but today excites me for the coming spring days with her in the yard. we had some pizza for lunch. she had almost half a slice. good for ruby standards. she went to sleep at about 2pm. usually we try to get her down at 1pm for nap but today it just went that way. so after she went down, i decided to tackle some yard work. pruned down the rose bushes to a foot or two, pulled some weeds by the roses.. the flower bed in front of the porch i cut back some plants and cleaned the space up, - it is ready for new flowers! then i hit the side of the house where i've been experimenting with a wildflower type of garden. a bunch of old flowers, bushes needed to be removed so i got rid of most of those ... still have more to do there but i filled up the yard debris bin. oh yeah, i trimmed the lilac bush a bit also. then i said what the heck. i mowed the lawn also... no bagger just let the clippings from the push mower landon the lawn. good nutrional value. then i even sanded a bit at the side gate, it has been sticking, and i got that to run smooth again. all in all it has been a productive saturday for me and ruby while amy is at work. ruby has been down for about 2hrs now... hopefully she will get another hour or two of sleep. she was up at 7 this morning. a dirty diaper woke her up 45 minutes after she first went to nappy. i gave her a nice clean diapy and rocked her a little then tucked her back in to bed. now i am sitting on the front porch checking some websites, catching up on the news... and enjoying the temperate weather and newly mowed lawn. spring is almost here in full . i can't wait! i plan on planting new flowers up in front of the fence and transplanting some ferns as well. so long for now.


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