Thursday, July 14, 2005

napa valley

we are in yountville, 9miles north of napa.... we are staying at the Maison Fleurie.... a establishment... check the links, etc.. it is gorgeous! we are here tonight and friday night... we will post photos when we return to portland. tonight we ate at hurleys just down the block and had a great meal with tasty libations.... amy had salmon, jason had the fish of the day, sol.... we had a bottle of hurleys cabernet 2003.... but started it out right with amy's favorite libation .. the mojito.
dessert was yummy... hucklberry cheesecake... and now we are in our room getting ready to sleep... looking at maps, etc. books , brochures to see what is in store for us the next few days.... we will meet our friends heather and shlyo gatchet saturdasy morning.. they are driving down from paradise... near chico. we look forward to our time with them.... for now though we are going to put our heads onto our pillows and dream of the little ruby. she is staying with amy's parents in eugene....



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