Tuesday, November 08, 2005

trip to seattle

saturday we drove to seattle... we visited with molly and steve and their kids and watched half of the osu/uw football game on tv... at halftime we headed to downtown to meet our friends angela & dwight and their two kids at our 2room hotel suite.... we watched the beavers beat the huskies then dwight and i went to pick up our chinese take out... we all got our bellies full of food and beverages and after amy and angela got back from their dessert run we checked out some george carlin on hbo.. i stayed up after everyone went to bed and got the tripod out and took late night walk to get some photos since the rain had stopped... our hotel was in the queen anne distirict just a couple blocks from the seattle center where the space needle is... so i got some good night shots with the tripod and remote. after our hot hotel breakfast on sunday morning we checked out and headed to the seattle center to goto the children's museum.. it was a great place for the kids to check out a variety of things. after that we found the monorail and took it to the heart of downtown and walked to the pike place market... we did some browsing around, i showed ruby all the fish and seafood on display... we got some drinks from the original starbucks store and then we at lunch at the pike pub and saw the raiders lose to the chiefs due to an unfortunate tripping penalty... at any rate, back to seattle story.... we caught the monorail back to the seattle center and went up the space needle... what a cool elevator ride and the view was fantastic... we had great weather considering it had rained something like 22 days straight prior to sunday... thanks for hanging out with us caiden & gannon & dwight and angela! we had a great time!


Anonymous Carrie said...

Looks fun -- and COLD!!! Just checking in to say hi and keep up with our "oregonite" friends. :) Hope all is well with you guys!

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys! It was a swell time! We gotta do that again sometime...or maybe Bend next time for a little fun in the snow action!
Angela, Dwight and the Boys

7:41 PM  

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