Monday, January 28, 2008


it's been a while since i've updated this, a week or more... been busy with getting over sickness of all sorts. sawyer was having a couple rough nights so amy took him to the doctor. we had an upper resp. infection and ear infection.... just like his sister ruby had before... so he got some medicine and has rebounded back to the super little man he is. ruby hopefully and seems to be finally over her double ear infection and lung mess of upper infection... she has a small cough starting so we are watching her close. sawyer continues to walk better and better and mumble more and more.. said mama mama many times.. no no no no... and most other things he understands or will grunt at us wanting to show us something and we make a sound, like a little toy cow for instance, and he will smile with satisfaction.. ruby is fast on her way to becoming a 5yr old in the summer. we have been busy looking at options for her kindergarten next year.... touring diff. schools and this coming weekend is a big celebrate portland schools that we will attend to ask more questions and hopefully come away with some good information. here are some photos from the past week or more...


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