Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial day weekend

I have been posting less and less lately and hope to pick it back up and do more of it. I enjoy looking back to see what happened in the past with ruby and now lil' sawyer.... this past weekend, long one, three days off from work... amy was supposed to work sat and sun but she took saturday off because sawyer had a 104° fever friday night... she took him to the emergency room because we thought maybe an ear infection got him.. nope. likely a virus, .. we also thought maybe teething as another molar is coming in... at any rate, he bounced back saturday afternoon.... gramma inez came to visit for the weekend! she arrived friday afternoon before i got home from work. amy and the kids took gramma nez with them to get some groceries and we had a great bbq that night. ruby was excited to have gramma nez come to town as we don't get to see her all the time because she lives far away... i had a big soccer tourney to play in. me and a couple guys joined a team from bend, oregon in the div.2 games... 2 games sat, 3 sunday (half games) and one full game monday... it was a fun team to join and i was glad to help out... we made it to the championship game on monday against a team from seattle and what a game. they scored first then they went up 2-0 on us i think, if i remember it right.. we came back to make it 1-2 and so on and so on... we evened the score 4-4 in the second half... with about 30 minutes left we went up 5-4... the other team scored to tie it up again in the last few minutes... no overtime, right to penalty kicks... we ended up winning that 4-2 thanks to our goalie blocking their shots!... it was cool having amy and the kids and my mom at the game.. ruby was so happy that we won it made me even more happy when i saw her little face on the sideline waiting for her daddy! she gave me the biggest hugs. what a trophy for a championship game! mom took off after the game but not before we stopped to get her some more plants to take home. thanks for spending a few nights with us gramma inez! the kids loved it and so did we. monday afternoon we made it to Lucia's bday party and also had to give terrence a birthday greeting! i'm not as sore as i expected but do have some bruises from the soccer... no worries, it was fun and i'd do it again.


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