Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Crescent Lake

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i met amy and the kids and amy's parents at the trailer cabin last weekend... i arrived friday night after work. they showed up friday afternoon. saturday don and i had to get some supplies in LaPine and the others spent some time at the lake.. by the time i got to the lake saturday the wind was blowing hard so we headed back to the cabin...sunday we made it back to the lake for a few hours... managed to swim once but the water was so cold and the lake was high compared to previous years... ruby floated on a pink intertube as she called it. sawyer just had fun playing in the pumice sand. i headed out sunday afternoon, drove back through the cascade lakes scenic byway and they stayed tilled monday morning before heading to eugene and they return today. nice short trip down to the lake. wish we had more time for more trips down to the lake but sometimes it just does not work out that way. i think in a couple years we will seriously look into getting a boat for trips to the lake as we could spend weeks at a time on vacation at crescent lake.


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