Tuesday, November 18, 2008

23 months and counting

sawyer is 23 months old today! i'll have to post a photo later. ruby leads sawyer around the house playing and troublemaking but they are turning into a great team of brother/sister... he still doesn't use many words but understands everything.. .. he says 'wow' mama, dadda, beru.. and often times ruby... ouch.. and lately is starting to say with emphasis.. 'no'... one of these days his words are going to flood out of him and smack us upside the face. :-) ruby is enjoying kindergarten more and more.. we have set up 2playdates after school everyother week and she really likes that.. she goes home after school with her friend then the next day with another friend. i was in bed all weekend recovering from a procedure at the dr. office friday so i am looking forward to the coming weekend when i'll have the kids... to wrestle, play, get outside if weather permits, and to be with them. so keep up the good work ruby in school and sawyer, keep on smiling and screaming with your big sister beru. love dadda and mama


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