Tuesday, April 05, 2005

amy and i are going to boston/nyc in 6weeks. time is flying by. i remember when we first thought about this trip and how far off it felt. 6weeks is nothing. we are excited because we love traveling and checking out new things. we are going to see monty python's spamalot on broadway. i think that will be quite a fun time. we will be in boston for my birthday so that'll be some more very fun times. ruby will stay wtih amy's mom and dad in eugene and we will miss her very very very very much but we are looking forward to some alone time away from our work lives, etc... i think when we travel we truly enjoy just being alive. heck, if we won a super lottery we would travel for quite some time as a family for sure. the world is to big to just stay in one spot. lots of people do it because that is all they know . i wish all people could travel and experience all places in the world. maybe then we could all just get along.


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