Saturday, November 26, 2005


happy thanksgiving! we went to eugene for a couple days for thanksgiving... we had a great dinner with amy's parents and grandmas.... the morning of turkey day... amy and ruby and i went for a walk to a nearby park to get some fresh air and to work off the big breakfast sammy had just made us... we shot some hoops and ruby sat in a springy car and ran around the playground area.. we were cut short of fun time by a sudden rainshower.... we watched some football, movies and cartoons before during and after eating .... it was great to be with amy's family and we sent our thoughts and love to my family which traveled to gillette wyoming to be with bunches of my family. we came back to portland friday to get dinner and drinks with some friends and that was a great evening of relaxation... today i picked up ruby in salem and after some fun and lunch in salem, we came home to get a nap in before getting our dinner ready. so to all our friends and family we wish you good health and happy days!!....


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