Thursday, March 23, 2006

st. patrick's day

a week late but here are some photos from st. patrick's day. we met a group of friends at mcmenamins edgefield in troutdale but it was way to packed for us to attempt getting a table for dinner... we found a spot for ruby to get her face painted and to listen to a couple songs for the kids.... then we listened to a few songs at the powerhouse... all of this was after a large amount of rain and hail came slammin' down to the earth around us... we did get a few nice breaks in the weather but that didn't mean we had to avoid puddles and streams of water. we all decided to meet at papas pizza just down the way and that worked out pretty good... after getting some food in the kids paige took all the kids into the play area. thanks paige! you are a trooper! we slowly filtered in to relieve paige of kid watching duties and wrapped up the night. it was good to meet everyone out for dinner,... we missed dwight's better half - angela.. she had to work. and ken was on call so he could not make it either.. we'll meet up with them sooN! here are some photos... the green blur dancing is ruby enjoying the music!


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