Monday, February 13, 2006


we drove to mcminville oregon saturday with some friends. on the way we stopped at four wineries and did some tasting which was totally rad. we went to Alloro, Adelsheim, Bergstrom and Laurel Ridge. anthony & rose, kevin & cindy, amy & i each enjoyed the tasting... cindy was our driver though because she is with child in belly,... i was really looking forward to the first stop due to my ill feeling self from the night before... after one taste i was feeling better. our first stop at Alloro anthony opened the door and said we're here to taste wine? it looked as if appointments were required but we did not have one but the man was super nice and invited us in. he gave us a small tour as we drank his wine. very fun, i felt like we had been transported out of oregon to italy... which is cool because the wine industry here is very good and the more we do it the more fun we have. we stopped at the other three places on the way to hotel Oregon and checked in just before our dinner was to start. we all bought the valentines dinner package... room, drinks and dinner, etc. it was a blast.... sunday morning we all met downstairs for breakfast then loaded up the minvan and headed back to portland. a big thanks to amy's dad Don and ggDena for watching ruby for us while we were gone. thanks also to the others in our group for laughing as much as we did! cheers....


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