Monday, January 16, 2006

waiting, anticipating...

ruby went to eugene with her mimi friday. amy went to eugene sunday morning... so not seeing ruby for 3nights and amy 1night i am very eager for them to return to portland today.... each time they are both gone i miss them more than before and i find myself easily bored at home alone... i tried to stay busy with a couple loads of laundry and some movies... the wet weather prevents me from doing to much outside.... i supposed i could keep myself busier but find myself wishing they were back home with me so we can hang out or just be in the same house together... it is good to get some alone time but right now i feel i would rather have some 'us' time. i'll try to stay busy at work to make the day go quickly. then i can see amy and ruby after work and figure out what we can do for dinner,etc.!


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