Monday, December 26, 2005

going for a walk

we all had a very fun christmas. i really enjoyed watching ruby take it all in. she was pretty excited about everything and has been a little energy on the go go go go girl for a few days. we slept in till 10am today after a couple of very busy days... saturday ruby and i were out doing some last minute shopping and we had lunch at a pizza place on hawthorne... after eating our slice we played a game of pinball... her first ever! she loved it. i pulled a chair over so she could stand in front of me and we made that ball go around and up and around and down! i will be on the lookout for more pinball games from now on! here is a photo of ruby in her snow white costume carrying her cinderella barbie doll. she absolutely adores the dress up outfits she got for christmas and she has been enjoying all the other great gifts also! ruby left carrots out on the front porch for rudolph and she was excited that he ate them all up!


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