Saturday, December 10, 2005

tis the season

lights are up on the house and the tree is up and trimmed and the stockings are hung. i was down all last week monday afternoon - friday night with strep throat... the first two days i endured what seemed like the longest days ever with chills and sweats and then again and again a repeat of the same ... throw in some aching muscles, no sleep and no food for 3-4 days and i felt like crapola. i actually was able to eat some food today however my throat is still a bit soar but the swelling has gone down and the antibiotics are working ! this is the first time i've ever had strep... i hope i avoid it for a long time. now i can get back in the swing of things and enjoy the holiday season with amy and ruby and our family and friends!


Anonymous Brad said...

Looks cool!!

9:13 AM  

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