Friday, January 06, 2006

futbol / soccer

as i was taking random photos around the house tonight i came across my soccer boots that are still sitting at the utility sink after last outdoor's season.... they had to be cleaned as the fields we finished on were absolute mud pits. i thought i would post these photos as a personal reminder of my love for the game of soccer as i know it. futbol as the rest of the world knows it. i started playing when i was 8 years old. my mom signed me up for soccer. as an 8 year old, i didn't know what she was getting me into or why, perhaps to give her some extra time or maybe she knew that i might like it,... if that is the case, either way.. thanks mom for signing me up that year, long ago... to play with the spearfish knights. it has truly changed my world as i continue and always will look forward to my next match... as long as my ankles allow it.!!! currently i am playing indoor and will pick up again outdoor with a winter season. i am looking forward to next years world cup in germany. i will not be attending any games live but i will get up in the early mornings to watch as many games as possible. it is nice to see the sport gaining more and more attention in the usa and it is paying off as we are becoming more of a powerhouse in the sport of the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just knew Jason would be a good soccer player, he was always full of energy as a child.

8:02 PM  

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