Sunday, April 16, 2006

easter sunday & the Wiggles in concert

as amy was getting ready for work early this morning ruby woke up as usual and we heard a loud "thump" at the front of the house... we told ruby it must have been the easter bunny leaving and sure enough it was! ruby had an easter basket in the living room, additional easter gifts in the kitchen nook area and easter eggs were hidden all over the living room and dinning room! wowzerlookyat thatsey! so amy headed to work and ruby and i watched some cartoons and then i made a great easter breakfast.... i got the skillet out and made eggs, pancakes and toast. ruby was not in the mood afterall for pancakes so i gave her a small bowl of kix for kids.... we had a pretty good day,... low key... we dropped off a small gift for keenan on the way to the Wiggles concert at the rose garden at 5pm... we arrived for that an hour early and found our seats... ruby got a bucket hat that has colors like dorothy the dinosaur... she was a bit shy of the whole thing at first but by the time the concert was over she was full on dancing and singing at her seat enjoying the live performance! it was cool to see the wiggles live on stage after seeing them so much on tv... after the concert i took ruby out for dinner to the kennedy school. just ruby and dad! it went well for her not having a nap all day.... she ate a small amount of her food then i let her run up and down the ramps for quite awhile before taking off and heading home....


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