Sunday, April 02, 2006


all i can say is ruby wanted to pick our her shoes and she was ok with one pink and one silver... i figured best not to fight it and go with the flow! :-) we had fun at omsi as usual and this time change has altered her schedule a bit, oh maybe last nights movie night with dad also is altering her day... she was not ready for bed so she stayed up with me and i rented the polar express on demand and then watched some of saturday night live.. that is when she fell asleep. snl. just like daddy does!


Anonymous Gatchet's said...

Love the pictures of Ruby outside OMSI-along the waterfront. Missing Portland! Missing the Lockens! Really loved your Bend photos....especially Ruby and Ava holding hands....too sweet. Miss you guys.
-Shylo, Heather, Jackson & Dylan

9:08 AM  

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