Thursday, May 18, 2006


33 years ago i was born in custer, south dakota to my parents inez & robert. they were young and i was their second child, my younger sister would be born a couple years after me. my older brother toby was already halfway into his second year of life so naturally i took it upon myself to follow his every move to learn things, i became his shadow... so my mom says... my dad was 23 when i was born, he died in a car wreck when i was 2, he was 25. the year i turned 25 was a year to think about the fact that my dad had never lived longer than that... i sometimes wonder what he would have been like, what i would have been like, any different than now? who knows.... what i do know is that he will always be in my heart and spirit.. so here's to being 33 years of age.... and to a life full of adventure with family and friends.


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