Saturday, December 23, 2006

rad rad ruby

ruby is such a great little kid. she has been doing great with her new little brother in the family. very sweet to him, protective or as she says... "I'll pretect him." she is a great helper for me and amy with sawyer... she always has been a good helper.. we encourage and ask her to do things with us and i think that has made for a good transition.. it'll be interesting to see how things develop and to see behaviors change and grow.. the other day ruby and i went to the park together.. i gave her a ride in the backpack carrier... today, ruby & i went to mia gelato together for an outing... i'm super super happy that she is ready to go do things just with daddy... i myself have had to and continue to adjust and get a grip of my emotions that are swirling inside my head with a new child to go along with my first child... it is an adjustment that i am handling and enjoying very much.. i didn't think it was possible to love my little girl any more than i did or to have a love for my wife any greater than before... but since sawyer has arrived... it has at least doubled and continues to expand in my heart. i am a lucky man. man. :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love Ruby's park photos, having fun with daddy. Keep having fun!

11:07 PM  

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