Sunday, August 27, 2006

weekends in portland

weekends in portland are great. if you happen to not work on weekends,... i used to but have not for some time now and i really enjoy the time off from work... portland and the surrounding areas offer so many choices of activities that if you find yourself 'bored' you have only yourself to blame... heck, at this tim of the year, even just checking out the sites in my own yard i truly enjoy.. here are a couple of photos from our yard. we did some errands saturday and then had a bbq with some friends... good stuff. sunday we did small things around the house then met some friends at a restaurant on the sandy river east of town... it was a fun outing but as we left at 430pm the temp was 102° according to the sign by our house on lombard... at any rate, i look forward to each and every weekend i can spend with my family and friends as that time spent is very fun and memorable...


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