Saturday, June 10, 2006

world cup weekend

world cup... copa mundial... AWESOME. RAD. BEAUTIFUL. JOY. PLEASURE. DELIGHTFUL. EXCITING. just a few of the many words to describe the emotions of the weekend so far... i took friday off from work to watch the opening of the world cup in munich.. germany v. costa rica... then poland v ecuador... way to go ecuador... good win. you too germany... this morning england defeated paraguay 1-0.. david beckham had a fierce free kick from the outside that was deflected off of paraguay defense into goal... right now trinidad and tobago is giving sweden all they have... down a man now after an iffy 2nd yellow card.... amy is at work.. ruby and i are hanging out downstairs... i've got her hooked up with videos on the computer during games,,, in between i let her watch angelina ballerina on demand... after the last game today i will get us outside either to our park or to the river to see if we have enough wind for a kite... up next.. argentian v. ivory coast... that'll be fun to watch...
i'll be recording games sunday morning on dvr because i have a game at 10am in hillsboro.. ruby will hang out with sosanda and olive hopefully then when we get home we'll check out some games.... monday i have off from work so i can see the usa play czech republic in their first game... go usa.. viva futbol.. joga bonita!


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