Monday, July 10, 2006

ruby's third birthday

a week ago ruby turned 3!... we had a small pre 3rd birthday party while in hawaii with amy's parents as they would not be back for her official bday party... mimi and papa picked up a cake at safeway and we gave ruby an assortment of hawiian gifts... kakui shell necklace, books, aloha dress, hawaiian doll, etc... it was a great way to end the week at mokihana! thanks mimi and papa for sharing the week with us!.. we flew our after dinner time from kauai then left at 1130pm from honolulu and arrived back to portland sunday morning at 730am... we went home and ruby and amy napped for a long time.. i mowed the lawn and washed the cars... we headed to hood river in the afternoon to ride the thomas train. we met ken, paige & ava and also met gramma inez, aunt patsy, cousin kit and uncle shane! they made the drive out from ne oregon to ride the train with us! afterwards, we at at the big horse brew pub atop the hill in hood river.... good stuff... mom followed us back to portland and we all hit the bed fairly early... the next day was ruby's birthday and we slept in... still tired from the week full of traveling, etc... we got showered and ready and headed to target with ruby.. it was a very informal birthday.. she saw her presents as we picked them out and she even picked her own birthday card... we'll take it if being in kauai for the week before was our reward. we stopped at safeway and got an ice cream cake and i picked up some pink balloons for ruby... pink is her absolute favorite color. everytime she sees a pink house as we drive through the different neighborhoods she calls them out. at any rate, ruby got some great gifts from her gramma inez and great aunt patsy and mom and dad.. she told me it was cool to celebrate with mimi and papa then with us at home!... so we have a big 3 year old in the house now and we love her more than words can describe... her favorite band right now is the 'really hot chippers' (red hot chili peppers) !! and like i said pink is her favorite color... pink gum is a big hit also! i heard her say just the other day she wants a pink swing next! :-) *****ruby is going to be a big sister this december!!!****** she will be a great big sister! here are some photos from her birthday events!


Anonymous Ali said...

I can't believe we missed it!!!!


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