Friday, February 23, 2007

long long nights long long days

no photos for this posting.. just some words to update the latest.... i came home from work wednesday night feeling not so good. shivers pretty bad.. sure enough, fever of 102.7°. the next day i called in sick and contacted my dr.s office for fear that i might have strep throat again.... dr. says i have symptoms strong enough to just treat me for it and so i do and i am out from work for 3work days but 5 days overall including the weekend.. just as i come out of my funk .. lil ruby gets a funk of her own... her dr.s office thinks it might just be avirus that is going around but after her crying and hurting for a day and a half we get her into the dr. and sure enough.. raging ear infection!. ouch.. so she is on meds now to help that out. lil ruby is usually such a trooper when she is sick but when it is bad she is hit in a hard way... she is doing ok but still will struggle and delay her medicine taking time... at any rate.. we are starting to get back to normal as far as activities are concerned and time spent with friends. it is hard to get a 3year old to eat medicine even when you tell her if she does not take it her ears will fall off... zonkers.


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