Sunday, May 06, 2007

may begins..... ..... .....

here are some photos from this weekend. it was great having amy home after she was gone last weekend working.. we kept busy and had mini adventures.. saturday we went to brunch at hurleys in nw portland... one of the top chefs in the country runs the place. we had a very good brunch. afterwards we walked around nw portland.. to a toy store by the hospital for ruby since she was practicing and using her manners at the restaurant... sawyer crashed out in the bjorn on amy so we continued to walk around for a short spell... pit stop at the hospital for a pee break... then we drove into portland heights in the old money section of town and found a home for 1.7million dollars that we would like to buy but it already has a pending sale. other wise we'd snatch it up i'm sure!!! :-)
saturday afternoon we went to our evvy's 3yr bday party.. her mom and dad is cindy and kevin.. cindy is a nurse. it was fun. pizza , cake ice cream! bouncy toy for the kids. sunday morning after we all awoke from our sleepy time... we got our shoes on and went to the albina press coffee house.. not far from our house. good little coffee shop.. jason just had a 2shot espresso.. amy had a latte and ruby a hot chocolate. .. ruby was so cute when they got their drinks.. she was excited because of the fancy design on the drinks!... tasty too!
see the following pictures for a visual... i'm back to work tomorrow and already am excited for the next family weekend in two weeks. next weekend i'll have to find fun things to do with the kids on some daddy outings...


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