Monday, July 02, 2007

3 year old be gone

today is ruby's last day as a three year old person.... it really started my mind to relive all sorts of memories that she has provided during the past three years. what a truly special little human being. my daughter. our daughter. our grand-daughter, our great grand-daughter, our niece, our cousin, our friend, our student, our pal. rad ruby. ruby has been such a wonderful lil person running around our house and i am excited for future memories to be created. i have been trying to think of things to type down, write down, to capture the feelings i am experiencing but cannot capture them. too many, too fast, too abstract, too colorful, too happy. happy last day as a three year old ruby and best of days to you as a 4our year old. ! ... daddy and mommy love you and so do sawyer and all the gg's, mimis, papas, gmas, cousins, aunts & uncles... you are rad.


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