Sunday, February 17, 2008

weekend wagon walkabout

well it was a nice weather weekend here in portland this weekend.. the kids and i took advantage of it.. unfortunately amy had to work. fri. night amy and ruby and i had a jam session in the office with our itunes library and visualizer show... saturday after a quick trip to target for a couple items, me and the kids met ken and his kids, ava & nicholos at woodstock park for some play time. good stuff. first time i've taken sawyer to a park since he has been walking.. he was into it. ruby and ava played in a little fort/playhouse structure.. nicholas did some sliding on the small slide, wanted some big slide action.. all the kids did a bunch of swing time... after that we went to pizza roma on woodstock for a few great slices of pizza... thanks ken and kids for hanging out with us and sharing some good weather time in the park.... sunday the kids and i busted out the wagon for sawyer's first ride in it to the park... he did so good with the help of his big sister ruby... once we got to the park we did some swinging then back home for a short spell in the front yard... then sawyer had to nap.... ruby and i decided to wash my car. what a great helper! she sprayed, scrubbed and rinsed so very well. i let her put a sticker on the bumper from our trip to south dakota last fall as a mark of her good help. amy did get off work early sunday.. she headed to eugene with the kids to see her grammas and mom & dad... gg gladys had some infections issues that are on the mend and gg dena had someone t-bone her car and hurt her neck.. so amy is down there to give some granddaughter love and i head to work in the morning. love and prayers to don & sammy and the gg's and also i'll send some to my family's way in northeast oregon... amy and i value our family so much, it is a common passion that we have as people. i love it.


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