Tuesday, April 12, 2005

back to work tuesday after taking monday off sick due to a case of food poisoning. sunday from either lunch or dinner amy and i came down with sickness sunday night... i was up all night puking, etc. amy did a couple times. i think i threwup 5 or 6 times. bad bad bad night. all day monday we were weak and still not feeling near normal. ruby did great considering the circumstances. she played alot while we layed around. we managed to use good teamwork to take care of her needs. i prepped her lunch etc while amy was resting and then for rubys dinner we switched roles. we managed to get to the store for a few needed items. we both feel normal as can be now . it is such an odd thing to feel so ill and be so out of it. prior to the food poisoning we had a great weekend - bbq on friday night, zoo on saturday.

here is our little ruby as batman:


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