Sunday, August 19, 2007

8 months old

sawyer became 8 months old this weekend... what an amazing fast eight months it has been.. he is so very close to crawling.. he scoots around the floor pulling himself along dragging his legs, this afternoon he shifted a couple knees movements then dropped to his pull along style.. so very soon we will be putting up the gates, etc.. containment is our thing to do.. to many stairs in the house not to. so two teeth on the bottom, two more on the top coming in.. more visible every day. .. he is learning how to deal with them.. today while in the car with me and ruby he bit a couple times on a toy of his and started screaming !! when saywer gets hungry or tired or poopy he'll let us know now by throwing a fit and screaming louder than we though he could.... at any rate, he is eating lots of food and talking small babble talk.. such an amazing little person that we love so so much. keep up the good work sawyer!


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