Saturday, August 18, 2007

wine tasting yakima valley

i have not posted any photos for a long time.. guess it's just been to busy here and there .. i'll do some catching up with photos... i'll start with the end of july when we went to prosser, wa with anthony and rose to do some wine tasting.. we did a wine tour with a bus for the four of us and also with a couple from the seattle area... we had a very good time enjoying many different wines, making purchases along the way, lunch and more tasting.. we ended up having a late dinner then decided to end the night with some energy drinks.. before bedtime anthony and i took a little jog downtown to make last call at the local bar and then stayed up and out all night ending it just before the sun came up.. good crazy times and always a pleasure to see the mcnamers!


Blogger Joy said...

What did you do to those photos to make them look antigue... they are awesome?

11:12 AM  
Blogger jLocken said...

joy, i shoot in RAW format with my d70, photoshop CS2 has an edit mode when opening that gives me total control of the photos... i can adjust white balance, temp. tint, exposure, shadows, brightness, contrast, saturation, lens, curves, calibrations.. i have made a few settings to emulate some of my other film cameras.. like my little lomo camera.. high constrast, rich color, darkened borders, etc.
thanks for the comment! cheers. !

9:44 PM  

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