Sunday, September 16, 2007

ruby's bike

so we finally let ruby have her bike knowing she will do what she needs to do when she is to do it. boy does she love the bike!... friday night she did some riding in the driveway and then sat. she rode to the park while sawyer and i walked with her.. sunday she wanted to go to the park again so we did, this time sawyer rode in the stroller... we played at the park a bit, swings, slides, etc... she is really enjoying the bike and i can only imagine she'll ride it more and more and more... her braking is already improved and i saw her standing and pedaling... go ruby go


Blogger pati said...

Hi Jason,

I just saw the photo of you and Sawyer on "Blogger Play!" It was the first time that I clicked on the new idea they have going on the I recognized your photo and clicked. It took me to your page. Fun to read about your family and that Sawyer is crawling now. I'm sure there is lots of action at your house.

Hi to Amy and hope all is well with your family.

Al and I are going to the Mokihana this year, December 8-14. We haven't been for a couple of years. Looking forward to spending some time in the beautiful "Garden Island."

Pati McDougall

9:22 PM  

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