Sunday, October 28, 2007


we recently spent 11days in south dakota. oct. 11 - 22nd... two main objectives were to goto my grandma ruby's 80th birthday party (which was a surprise for her) and b, to goto and be in my friend mato's wedding to kristi in spearfish. we flew out of pdx at 6am thurs morning and by noon after a stop in salt lake city, we were in rapid city south dakota. the kids traveled very well considering the early start. after getting supplies in rapid for the kids we headed to our first stop for the night.. the badlands national park. we had cottage to stay in at cedar pass lodge so we made our way. i spent the first part of my life in southdakota and had ncver been to the badlands. why? i have no idea. they were such an amazing sight to drive through. like nothing we had ever seen before. we made a few stops to get out and see the terrain, ruby spotted a rabbit right next to the trail and sawyer loved the wind blowing in his face. amy could not believe all the prairie dogs at one point of the drive and i just enjoyed sharing the moment with the family (as we all did) in the badlands of south dakota. i kept telling ruby that we were going to stop at wall drug before entering the badlands.. once we got to the exit and i annouced we are at wall drug (ruby would repeat many times, when will be there?), she said i don't see a wall!


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