Wednesday, June 29, 2005

new york city mid may

a couple more..

new york city mid may

more photos.. this time i hopefully won't post the same ones...

new york city mid may

here are some photos from our trip to new york city. we spent 8 days and nights in the big apple. we stayed in the east village. we really enjoyed our time in the city and look forward to a return trip!

yard scenes

just some shots from around the yard.

Monday, June 27, 2005

the photos ....

a few more photos of ruby sunday june 27th. it is so fun just to hang out with the ruby during the weekend. it is even better when amy has the weekend off and we can all hang out and do new things together. this weekend ruby and i stayed mostly around the house. saturday morning she helped me pull some weeds from the wildflower garden and also from the flower bed in front of the porch.. then we had a picnic on the back patio... she is really into picnics right now which is great especially if the weather is good. sunday the rain returned off and on so we did some hanging out and reading then got outside after dinner as i said and waited for amy to get home... ruby was so excited when momma pulled up in the driveway. .. she gave amy an appropriate happy dance on the porch!

ruby the chalk artist

some photos of ruby yesterday. she loves drawing with her sidewalk chalk,... we need to get her an easel so that she can start fingerpaints, etc.... i look forward to watching her explore these new mediums and i hope to save/archive many of her creations.
change of plans.

a family death has come up that requires me to be in ne oregon this coming friday. i will be heading out wednesday hopefully to spend a few days out there ..... i'll return to portland saturday afternoon.

so i give my best wishes to my friend pete as he heads to iraq in august as a medical tech. be safe and strong friend. i'll see you when you return!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

so the weekend is coming to a close... i just got done going through my email deleting and reporting spam... i can't believe how much shit we get as spam. pardon my cussing but damn nag it. to much of it can be a pain in the arse. sometimes its easy enough to just change email addresses but it eventually catches up to you again... overall though, compared to how many amazing things you can find on the internet it is small in comparison.

ruby is rolling around on the living room floor playing and dumping her small baskets of assorted toys and declaring it a 'mess'... so funny. we've been reading books off and on all weekend. she'll bring me a book and say read this. so i start reading and she'll grab a book and start reading at the same time.. it is frickin hilarious... she likes to have group readings... we went to the 'milk store'-Fred Meyers, earlier today to get a new plant for one of the pots on the porch. we also picked up a pizza for tonight which i'm about to go cook... i forgot to get her choc. milk.... and butter.... i always forget things...

note to self ..." make a list when going to the milk store "

i got a new lens for the d70 and updated the camera's firmware. i got a nikon 50mm 1.8,.....
it's pretty cool. takes a little getting used to though compared to the 18-70mm..... i'll give a good test this coming friday when i goto a party for a college friend pete ... he is a medic and will be going to irag in august. so i'll take the camera and flash set up and take photos at the party.

time to cook the pizzza!