Thursday, January 03, 2008


today Ruby is 4.5 years old. she is very happy to be four and a half. i cannot believe she is already halfway through year four. soon to be a five year old! many new things to do and explore as a five year old as opposed to a four year old. i'll keep posting the latest happenings. meanwhile, sawyer keeps chugging along at one year old. he is almost so very very close and on the verge of walking.. he can walk while holding one hand or behind a pushy type toy. hope to get it on video when he does take off!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


happy new year!
ruby and i watched shrek 2 tonight before tucking her into bed.. then i fell asleep an hour or two before midnight. amy was in bed already because she worked and works on the 1st as well. i did watch the ball drop in new york city live on a streaming web cam 9pm pacific time.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

kids in motion

just wanted to post a few photos of the kids. we had a good weekend, amy ruby sawyer and me, running errands, playing around the house.. feeling not so sick... still getting over a couple coughs and runny noses but better than last week.. goodbye 2007, see you in the photo albums!


like i said in the previous post i was only able to get off the couch from downstairs to open gifts. i missed brunch and dinner... usually i would take photos of the food but food was the last thing on my mind... ruby and sawyer had a great time opening gifts and watching our reaction to their gifts... ruby made a sweet little tree ornament in school and a plate with her palm prints for us. she even managed to get me a tiedye bob marley tshirt! sawyer has more little people play things now which he enjoys so much. a plane to practice his flight skills... ruby (and sawyer) now have an easal as well for drawing and painting.!.... i managed to get a shower in by 630pm to get ready to see sawyer before he headed to bed... i was feeling better buy really weak and tired still... unfortunately by 9 or 10pm, amy then got sick with what i seemed to have!... frick. so she had to deal with the same things and needed the next day to rest, ... she was then on the road to recovery when of course, amy's mom got sick the next night!!!!! triple what the #$%&*! all of the sickies made for a long week. we are all back on track as far as we can tell... getting busy again, feeling better but still not having 100% appetite due to said previous sick episodes. a rough way to end the year but what a great year it was....

the day before Christmas

the day before Christmas we headed downtown to see the big tree in pioneer sq. and to get a picture with santa. while sawyer and momma waited for santa, ruby and i did some shopping and looking around. later in the afternoon we had dinner with the jerde family. then after tucking the kids into bed to wait for santa to arrive, i got sick all night and was between the couch and bathroom downstairs,.... all night. ugggghhhhh. i think it was some sort of 24hr bug....?... .. at any rate, i was barely able to participate with gift opening the next day and missed brunch and dinner.. and the company of amy's family. here are some photos from Christmas eve before i got sick.