Friday, June 22, 2007


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amy, sawyer, ruby and i met our friends at mcmenamins edgefield for the music by the red shed.... during the time spent, i took ruby and ava on a walk around the grounds and captured the girls running down a hill... ... this is just one of many ....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Circumhorizontal arc

today just past the noon hour, closer to 2pm... i was on break at work and outside saw this circumhorizontal arc. very interesting. the photos came out ok, might have been better with a tripod but i at least captured what i was seeing. i wish i would have noticed just past 12pm if it was appearing, it may have been more visible. summer solstice is here so enjoy the sun!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

six months old

sawyer turned 6months old on june 18th,... !... amazing to see this little guy grow and develop and to see how we all react to him and the events happening daily. ruby is an absolute fantastic big sister. sawyer's little face lights up whenever he sees or hears her... just tonight he was getting tired and i had fed him.,.. put him down to change his diaper and he was a bit upset to be put down until he turned his head after hearing ruby laugh or comment about something.. then he gave a little coo with a big smile and was happy. he is just becoming more fun as he gets stronger and more aware of everything around him. happy six month celebration son!

Monday, June 18, 2007

father's day weekend

we had a nice weekend... amy worked most of saturday.. getting done with work a few hours early... the kids and i just stayed around the house and sawyer was able to get a great nap in during the afternoon. sunday morning ruby helped amy make me a breakfast... eggs, bacon, pancakes and coffee! thanks my ladies! we had a bbq with our friends the sciullis in the late afternoon... which was also very fun. got home in time for the kids to fall asleep on the way and time to finish up the weekend with some minor duties on the computer... some photos from this weekend that show and tell what a very luck father, daddy, husband i am. this is my heart so to speak visually. i really like this bloggin because i can see these photos from anywhere if i am away from my family. thanks amy, ruby and sawyer for another great weekend in our gushaus!!! :-)