Saturday, April 15, 2006


ruby had her haircut a few days ago and it is just adorable.!. plus, it is so much easier to wash and comb now during her bath time. :-)

san diego and back home

flying to sandiego from portland is just over 2hrs.. not bad at all... we had some time to kill as we were flying out late in the evening so we explored the world famous san diego zoo! what an awesome zoo... the terrain is crazy, huge hills and valleys, a tram, crazy animals, ... photos almost don't do it justice but i will share a few anyways. we did not see the pandas... a long line to see them was not what we wanted to do after the lines in disneyland.... at any rate, we experienced the zoo and before heading to the airport we checked out old town sandiego, the gas lamp quarter, and that's about it... a very small taste of san diego but enough to make me/us want to goback again some other day!

disneyland - LA - etc

we had a fun day at disneyland... we only stayed for maybe 6 or so hours but we were able to take ruby on quite a few rides and we managed to get some good photos with some disney characters... we all wore ear hats for most of the day! one of our favorite rides was the pooh bear ride... so cool. it's a small world is a total trip... like a timewarp back into another era.... fun fun fun. we will have to go back for sure another time for a longer stay but this was a good warm up trip.... plus we wanted to get up to santa monica for the pier, sunset and general experience of driving through los angeles... we drove up mullholland drive to get a view of the city at night which was very cool.... ruby and amy crashed in the back of the car while i drove us back to san clemente.... a long day but very very fun and worth all the time and effort we put into it!

san clemente

san clemente is a cool beach town halfway between sandiego and los angeles. we stayed at a hampton inn suites that had the most comfortable beds ever!

southern california

last weekend amy took us on a spontaneous trip to southern california! we flew to san diego, stayed in san clemente... went to disneyland, santamonica, LA, and back to sandiego then back to portland. wow, what a fun time and ruby did great flying for her first time! thanks amy for a wonderful spontaneous trip! love and dare it! photos will be posted now.