Thursday, May 18, 2006


33 years ago i was born in custer, south dakota to my parents inez & robert. they were young and i was their second child, my younger sister would be born a couple years after me. my older brother toby was already halfway into his second year of life so naturally i took it upon myself to follow his every move to learn things, i became his shadow... so my mom says... my dad was 23 when i was born, he died in a car wreck when i was 2, he was 25. the year i turned 25 was a year to think about the fact that my dad had never lived longer than that... i sometimes wonder what he would have been like, what i would have been like, any different than now? who knows.... what i do know is that he will always be in my heart and spirit.. so here's to being 33 years of age.... and to a life full of adventure with family and friends.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

weekend of motherly celebration

ruby and i had a good weekend.... but we would have had it better if amy did not have to work... but she did, so we found things to do around town.. friday after work we had a bbq with ken, paige & ava.. that was a nice break after a week at work... saturday morning ruby and i met ken and ava at woodstock park... he mentioned that it was a good place to go as the swings can go big! they sure can... ruby had a blast on the swing and after a bit of that the girls found some playground equipment to play around on while ken and i talked about lunch plans...we ended up at pizza roma.. good pizza by the slice... my first time there... tasty slices... saturday night ruby and i went to mark & jamie's house for a bbq to celebrate their engagement! unfortunately i did not get any photos at the bbq. at any rate,... onto sunday... amy had to goto work so ruby and i gave her mothers day cards sat. night... we met amy and paige and angela sunday at lunch time at the new grand central bakery on fremont near mississippi... ruby and i shared a cookie because had already had lunch at home but looking at the ladies' sandwiches.. i'll be going back soon to try it myself!...
sunday afternoon my sister tara arrived to portland.. she is in town for orientation for post office work in ne oregon.. so ruby and i swung by her hotel in nw portland and drove around town a bit to show her some things.. we had some dinner and then did some more driving so that she could get some views of the city without driving, etc... and that pretty much does it.. ruby did do some housework this weekend.. such a good little helper... she did some mopping and some dishwashing... amy was telling her it is bathtime and ruby's reply is classic dr. mcoy talk... "i'm a dishwasher, not a bathtaker." !!! so funny... she comes up with the funniest comments. love it..