Saturday, September 10, 2005

photo friday - massive

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

mahalo kauai a kapaa o mokihana

amy and i will be departing soon for the garden isle of hawaii with our friends paige and ken, ali & chris and a couple that are friends with ali & chris.... we are looking forward to spending the week at mokihana with you all!!! here are a few photos from our last visit to get us ready for our time to come... aloha and mahalo!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

illustration friday - roots

northeast oregon

ruby and i went to ne oregon for the weekend. no, not the dalles or bend.. contrary to belief that is not ne oregon. we went to grandma inez's small ponderosa in lostine of wallowa county. ruby had a real good time playing and hanging out with her cousins and getting some time to ask grandma questions of 'what you doing?' , what they talking about? and things like i wanna go see the cows...... we also drove even further into the corner of oregon to goto a barndance/wedding reception for my friends dave and cory. through a small town called flora towards troy down a steep single lane gravel road to the grande ronde lodge on the grande ronde river 4 miles from troy, oregon. what a beautiful remote spot. great bbq, great music, great time! we only wish amy could have made the trip with us but she could not adjust her work schedule as we are departing for kauai in less than two weeks time. at any rate, here are some photos from the trip,... i might post more later as i get time.