Wednesday, June 27, 2007

morning commute

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tuesday morning i left 15 minutes earlier than usual in order to grab a coffee and to drive to work on a different route... the majority of the commute remained the same but i did make some sidestreets and happened to be below the freemont bridge rather than on top if it driving.

Monday, June 25, 2007

soccer summer

ruby will be busy this summer with activities through the portland parks... dance class, swimming, soccer... i helped ruby find some shinguards, soccer shorts and we ordered some boots (soccer cleats) online which will be here in a few days... very neat to see her react and respond to different things... this afternoon we did some drawing on colored cardstock that we picked up at target... i might have to scan in some of the drawings she did... sawyer's tooth is coming in now and we have visual confirmation.. now to get a picture of it.. amy was working all weekend so the kids and i stayed busy and overall had a very nice weekend.. i managed to watch the osu beavers baseball team win a championship. this week i hope to get a few side projects taken care of and get the cars washed. next weekend we will travel to long beach washington with some friends for 2days, 1 night.