Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ruby's drawings

sunday afternoon while sawyer and i were getting good floor time in the living room ruby was in our bedroom watching a cartoon and had an old sketch pad of mine with pencils.. i entered the room to see how she was doing and she said good.... i can draw spirals.. yes i see i said, then she says, i'm drawing us. this one is me , this one is you,... oh i have to add a beard, this one is mommy,... etc.. so cute. and i see the drawings and she has started to draw what she sees.. people have a head with eyes, legs, hair.. nice to see ... more drawings as time permits. here are some of the drawings...

Monday, July 09, 2007

weekend out n about

amy worked this weekend so me and the kids had a couple of small excursions... sat. we drove to downtown on the eastbank esplanade to do some walking, strollerin'... did a loop starting at the hawthorne bridge one the east bank and cut back to the west bank on the steel bridge.. made our way back to the car and then to home for nap time... sunday a small trip to janzten beach for laundry detergent, couple tshirts and a portfolio case for ruby's artwork. found a good blue one on sale.. the kids were great, i was on the tired sleepy side a couple of times since i went out sat. night to the doug fir lounge to see, hear and photo sexton blake, nire and the online romance. good show. good venue, good crowd. better get some rest.