Thursday, February 01, 2007

happy birthday

happy birthday to our friend shylo. this is a photo from when we first met. a great husband, father and friend.

wolf like me

i've been listening to TV On the Radio a lot lately. I bought two of their albums... fantastic! I bought tickets to see them when they come to portland to play at the roseland march 23rd... if you haven't heard them yet, check em out. finally have captured a few photos of Sawyer smiling... I picked up a new backpack/camera bag today... the Lowepro CompuDaypack
. I've been looking for a new pack for the camera and laptop and sketchbook. i think this one will be great and used more than any others i've had. happy february!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


i shot this photo tonight to create a selfportrait photo for my profile page at the jpg magazine website....

end of January

and so january is coming to an end this year... we had a great weekend. mimi drove up from eugene saturday to watch the kids so amy and i could go out with some friends to dinner then a rollerderby match! exhibition bout between portland and seattle to kickstart the 2007 season. thanks for watching the little ones mimi. we had fun with the reids and scuillis at the event. then sunday we met the scuillis at fire on the mountain for lunch. yum yum is an understatement... good flippin' wings man! very good. great even... after lunch me, amy and mimi and the kids walked to the park to play. ruby and i had many trips down the slide and she was on the swing for many many minutes... nice sunny day in portland... mid 40s, near 50 maybe.. so back to work monday morning even though ruby said as we left the park... no work for you daddy.... :-), i'll be home in the afternoon ruby! Sawyer will be 6weeks old monday! he is really starting to smile and will try to talk when hes i a good mood... he gets a bit fussy in the afternoon due to what we think is from being tired. we don't think he sleeps enough during the day for such a little kid but most times he is in a good mood. really starting to look around at things and is growing. keep it up little guy!